Hybrid mobile webapps with Sencha Touch 2 (April 2013, iOSonRailsConf)

The kind people of the #iOSonRailsConf invited me to talk about Sencha Touch 2 and how to create mobile web apps using web technologies.

Creating apps usually is a very time consuming process when it comes to development. You need to write your code for all different platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone. Sencha Touch solves this problem by giving you a framework for the langauge we as web developers all know and love; Javascript! In this session we will see how Sencha Touch makes it easy to create apps. We will talk about the pro’s and cons of using HTML5 and Javascript. After that I will take you on a tour on how to create a simple tab-based application with an external data source. We will have a look at theming, and look into some performance optimizations.

Building mobile web applications with Sencha Touch 2 V2

Building mobile web applications with Sencha Touch 2 – Version 2 (SmartDevCon)

I submitted my Sencha Touch 2 talk to multiple conferences, and again from Poland I got an invite. This time for SmartDevCon a conference who’s target audience is mobile developers. As a newbie in the field I was quite nervous to bring my presentation. This of course wasn’t necessary, just like in the web development community the people here have been a joy to meet and talk to.

Building mobile web applications with Sencha Touch 2

Building mobile web applications with Sencha Touch 2 (4Developers conference)

After starting my adventures in mobile web application development I submitted a talk to the 4Developers conference which was held in Poznan, Poland. Luckily I was selected and delivered my first mobile talk at this conference. It was also my first talk outside of the Benelux which was a great experience. It is great to meet new people and talk about everyday technology things, it gave me great new insights in the possibilities of mobile development.