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Like many people I might’ve been too secure about my financial security to hop on the crypto-train by buying in. But I was still intrigued by everything going on in the crypto markets.

Recently I was thinking; is there a way to explore this world without spending a single penny?

After some searching, failing and losing my privacy a couple of times (even though I think privacy doesn’t exist anymore in today’s day and age, but that would be a whole other post) I have found a combination which works quite well for me.

Gaining free coins with Cointiply

One of the apps I came across is Cointiply. Cointiply awards you with points for doing surveys, watching ads and playing games. All these things don’t cost you direct money, just your time and the power your device uses. You get rewarded in ‘Coins’. Once you reach 50k in coins you can request a payout in BTC (there are options for other crypto as well). I set up a wallet just to see if the payouts were real, and indeed they were. So if you do the works, you can earn a few Satoshi’s!

Growing the free coins with Pionex

Once I accumulated a few Satoshi’s I started to wonder if I could get this train moving forward. This is where I stumbled upon Pionex, a platform for crypto trading bots. What it essentially does is trying to maximize profit or minimize loss when the value of an altcoin changes. It does so by buying whenever the price drops and hold on to it until the price has risen. Once the price is high enough it can sell again with profit. Pionex charges a small fee from the profit. This only seems fair to me as they provide you with all the tools to get your profit.


If you are like me, and uncertain about entering the crypto-markets this is a way to expand your horizon. Don’t expect large gains, but use this method just to have some fun. See what a couple of crypto’s can do for you once you find your way in these tools. Based on the experience gained you can then decide if you want to go larger or leave this crazy market as it is.