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World of Final Fantasy (available on Playstation 4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch) is a great game which respects the battle systems of the early Final Fantasy games. So if you are a fan of the first instalments in the series this game is an easy buy. On this particular page we’ll zoom in on one of the more complex parts of the game called transfigurations.

Transfigurations is a mechanic with which you can upgrade your Mirages and become stronger. The table below makes it easy to find out how to transfigure al creatures. So check the table below to transfigure to a Black Chocochick or your other favorite Mirage in no time.

Name Size Weight Transfigurations Abilities Found Prismtunity Family Masteries

About transfigurations:

Transfiguration (or transfigging) is the act of changing to a more powerful Mirage and back, in World of Final Fantasy. It is a gameplay mechanic that allows the player to change their Mirages into different forms, each form having differing statistics and abilities.