Improving code quality with continuous integration

Improving code quality with Continuous Integration (PHPBenelux Usergroup meeting)

After my first lightning talk at an unconference I was selected to do a full-length talk at the next PHPBenelux Conference. To prepare myself for this first-time experience I reached out to the organisation and asked them if I could test-run my presentation at a user group meeting. Thankfully they accepted and invited me for one of their meetups.

Starting Continuous Integration seems like a tedious task, this presentation will get you gradually up and running.

Continuous Integration - Why and how?

Continuous Integration – Why and how? (Dutch PHP Conference 2010 – Unconference Track)

After giving a few presentations internally at the companies I worked for I was ready to face an audience who I don’t know. At the opening of the Dutch PHP Conference 2010 there was a call for the first uncon slot. So during the opening keynote I quickly composed this little presentation. This time another short talk about continuous integration. This lightning talk quickly shows why you should care for code quality and how you can get started.